Do raccoons use tools?

Raccoons are considered to be a menace when they get in the trash, but they are known to be resourceful. Raccoons can make social relationship and they will use tools in order to solve complex problems like breaking into a house or trashcan.

Any place in your home is accessible to raccoons. The raccoons are able to open, grab, tip off or tear off anything they put their eyes on. The footprints of the raccoons are the same as that of humans, and it may be mistaken as the footprints of a child. The raccoons also have fingers that look like that of humans. Although a raccoon is able to accomplish with their deft movements and nimble fingers, they do not have human hands as the primate does. The primate will have more agility with movement capability in the hands compared to what the raccoons can achieve. When you are able to observe the activity of the raccoons, you will see that it uses two hands if it has to hold something or to manipulate any object, and this is because its thumb is not opposable. However, the thumb of the raccoons can move to some extent and they are able to grab certain objects. The thumb may not touch or press other fingertips. Some raccoons have been found to use a rock to make noise on doors or glass when they know that the homeowner will give them food.

Raccoons have been known to be creative and they combine this with their dexterous fingers that can help to achieve many things. Even if the raccoons do not have opposable thumbs, they do have powerful paws and they can be used to tear off or destroy things. The raccoons will not have a hard time entering any house using the chimney or a vent as long as they are not protected in an adequate manner. Raccoons may enter your home through a pet door or a hole. You will be surprised by what their hands can do and how they can use some tools like a rock to knock on something or water to wash their food. When a raccoon is in your home, it may make cause considerable damage by using their paws. With their smart brains, they are able to use their fingers in a more surprising manner. They have many antics that may surprise you while they are also upsetting you. You can be entertained by this animal, but you have to keep in mind that it is still a nuisance that will be around your home.

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