What to do about a raccoon under the porch

There are different scenarios that can tell you why a raccoon is sheltering within your property. One of the places where you may spot a raccoon is under your porch. If it is spotted in the months of January to September, then you should assume that the raccoon is actually a nursing mother who was simply looking for a safe and warm home where she can have her babies until they are old enough to forage by themselves. Raccoons are great mothers and they usually move the babies to a new place if at all they feel threatened in any way. However, it is important to note that evicting such a raccoon poses a risk to her since she may end up separated from the babies or she may even opt to abandon them altogether.

If you notice that there is a raccoon under the porch, it is a sensible thing to be a bit patient if the raccoon is a mother. You can choose to do nothing. Typically, raccoons will only live in the dens for only a short time. By the end of summer, baby raccoons are old enough to take care of themselves and they will then leave. It is common for the mother to move babies from one den sire to the other during the season and she may actually leave your porch without any sort of intervention. If it’s possible, it is a humane thing to wait for the baby raccoons to grow.

The mother may choose your porch due to the fact that it is safe, quiet and dark for the babies. If you alter the area making it not dark and not quiet, the raccoon may leave on its own. You can use smell, sound and noise since they are humane forms of harassment. However, this method may not work at all times.

The lights should be placed at the entrance of the den and make sure such a light is safe. Raccoons are actually nocturnal and they don’t fancy bright lights within their space. You can use a radio where you tune in to one of the talk stations and have it close to the den. Music may not make any sense to raccoons but human voices aren’t a thing they really like. When the raccoons are alert that you have food obtainable, they will often pay a visit to you while searching for cover or foodstuff.

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