How to prevent raccoons from pooping in my swimming pool

Raccoons are known to love water and they can visit a pool many times during the night. The first reasons why they may decide to come to the pool is to drink water and wash the foods they eat since they will dunk the food many times within the water before they start to eat every bite. It is common to see some evidence in the morning that a raccoon has visited the pool in the night. Sometimes they will also defecate on a pool deck, on the steps or in a pool itself. The raccoons are known to stand in the shallow water so that they may defecate. This is a method they use to hide the droppings away from predators or other raccoons.

They have impressive memory recall that enables the raccoon to become a repeat offender when it comes to home invasion or garbage scavenging. The raccoons suffer from a roundworm called Baysascaris pyrocyonis and people may be infected when they ingest the eggs accidently from water contaminated because of the feces of the raccoons. When eggs do hatch, then a roundworm can grow to reach a large size and that will grow into the human body. Even if there is not yet a documented case of the roundworm in the humans since it is not too common, there is a high risk that the prognosis can be grave if the person is not treated. You should filter the water in the pool and replace the filtering materials whenever possible. Keep the discarded materials in plastic garbage bags for your safety.

When the raccoons poop in the pool, immediate attention has to be taken. This is because they pose an immediate risk and no one should use the pool until it is treated. The first method to keep the raccoons away is to make sure that they do not come on your property in the first place. They are commonly attracted to food. Do not keep bird feeders outside, and if you do have them, do not keep them near a pool. You may also add an alligator decoy over the pool since they can easily scare the raccoons away. The onslaught that is wanted after the raccoons hunt is normally less hassle compared to the cleanup requisite after raccoons have cleaned out building materials in the garage or in the loft when they desire to make a den site.

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