Can raccoons jump onto houses or over fences?

Raccoons can be found on a roof or other high places when they want to climb up to these places. They may have found a gap under the eaves or in the soffit, and they could decide to turn it into their home. They can also tear open a hole or they may have found a hole that they can crawl into to enter into the attic, and they may choose this as a place to live. This is the reason why the raccoon may decide to climb on the roof of a house. If you want to build a fence to keep out the raccoons, it should be at least 6 feet high.

If you want to get rid of the raccoons on the roof, you should first find out why they go there in the first place, for example, if they are looking for a home or have found a food source. When you see raccoons on the roof, keep the following in mind. The raccoons are known to be good climbers and they are able to ascend to the corners of most houses. They may be able to climb downspouts or come down that way. Sometimes the raccoons may be using a tree next to your house with branches that overhang your roof, and these may be trimmed to avoid cases of raccoons on the roof. If they are seeking shelter on the roof, then the first step to eliminate them is to do an inspection of the attic and roof to ensure that there is no debris that they can use as a nest. The raccoons are able to tear up the eaves and sometimes even the shingled roof. You have to be aware of the damage that they are likely to make.

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