How to get raccoons out of a wall

Wildlife means the undomesticated animals species and they are the animals that grow or live in the wild in the area where they were not introduced by the humans. The wildlife may be found in each ecosystem like the grasslands, plains, rain forest, forest and deserts. Even if the popular term should stand for the wild that has not been touched by the human factors but in most cases, the wildlife has been affected by the human activities.

How can you know that you have a raccoon in the wall? By the noise off course! You will hear scratching during the day and during the night, a vocal sign of evident life activities going on in your wall. It is also possible to distinguish raccoon sounds from the sounds of other rodents (such as squirrels or rats) because raccoons create many different sounds, including chattering, growling and many other sounds that are much more vocal than the sounds of other rodents.

There are several ways how to get a raccoon out from the wall. For one, if you can get down the wall from the attic, it is possible to grab the raccoon mother with a pole from above. However, this is generally a task that should be left to professionals before trying it yourself – as you can harm the animal and you surely don't want to see that happen.

If you don't see a mother but just the babies, it is a good idea to get the babies out and use them as bait in a classic trap to get the mother inside the trap. After you get the mother raccoon in the trap, you can safely relocate the entire family to a safe location – outside your home.

Unlike the previous scenario where the wall interior is visible from the top, it is much more likely that you will not have a full visual view of the wall interior, which is the reason why you will have to cut a hole in the wall to use this opening as an access to the raccoons inside the wall. In this case, first listen to where you hear the majority of the sounds. This is where the nest is located. You don't want to cut the wall exactly there because you could cut one of the animals in the nest. Instead, you want to cut the wall near the source of the noise, i.e. near the nest, and then use the previously described catching procedure to get the raccoons (mother and the babies) from within the wall and then safely remove them from your home.

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