Can raccoons open doors or windows

Raccoons are very smart in nature, and they have been seen to be capable of doing different things that most of us would think impossible.

Raccoons can and do open doors and windows, especially if they have latches. It may not be possible for them to open locked doors and windows though. When there us a raccoon infestation, especially in urban settings, they have been seen to be able to do quite a lot with doors. The city dwelling raccoons seem to be getting even smarter with each day. Today, most people don’t consider them as wild animals, but rather as urban animals because they have become even more common within the suburbs and the cities than in areas that are less developed and natural. This is what has made human encounters with these animals so common. Raccoons have always been very agile, curious and smart. In most cases, they look for a nice place to live, and so they may break into your house when they can.

If you have a doorknob which is able to turn in an easy way and if it isn’t smooth and round, then the chances of a raccoon opening the door are very high. They can open a door if it has a latch or if the doorknob is the kind that needs to be pushed down to open it. The smooth and round doorknobs need a grip to be opened, and the raccoon may not be able to achieve this. This is due to the fact that raccoons do not have opposable thumbs. Also, their claws extend far beyond the end of every toe, and this interferes with grip regardless of the fact that they are able to manipulate objects.

The ability of a raccoon to open a door or window will greatly depend on the type of lock or latch that has been used.

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