Do raccoons eat mice/rats?

The raccoon has a distinctive black mask and it has a ringed tail which makes it easy to identify. They are normally nocturnal and they sometimes come out in the daytime to look for food. In the winter, the raccoons may spend time in their dens, but they do not hibernate. They are known as omnivores and they can consume different types of foods. They can adjust their diets according to what is available near them.

The raccoons do consume some aquatic animals like crayfish, turtles and frogs. They also eat different kinds of small mammals, including rabbits, muskrats, voles, bats, mice and rats. They may also eat other birds when they are able to catch them. Snakes, freshwater mussels and fish are other types of animals that may be found in the diet of the raccoons.

Fruits are important to the raccoons, and they may love to consume cherries, blackberries and apples. They rely on nuts like beechnuts and acorns in order to get through the cold winter. They may also eat different types of grains and seeds. In the places where there are gardens and planted fields, the raccoons may add corn to their diet if they find it.

Raccoons have come to be known as opportunistic feeders because they are able to eat anything that they are able to find around. They can eat eggs, ducks and others. They may also eat insects and earthworms where the grains, nuts or fruits are not found. The raccoons that are near homes can eat the leftovers of the cat or dog food. The raccoons may scavenge discarded human food and they can eat items from a garbage can. They have also been known to break into tents or a campsite when they are able to do so.

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