Are raccoons a danger to pets such as cats and dogs?

Raccoons are common animals, and you may have encountered them if they thrive in the region you live in. It is important to note that raccoons are not as innocent as they look and they can actually harm pets. In North America, raccoons very often come into contact with humans as they love invading their habitats. This is something that has become a great concern.


Raccoons are very adaptable animals, and they have the capacity to move from one city to the next. Just like us, it is possible for the raccoons to adapt to various environments. The reason why you see so many raccoons in urban areas is because of the ease at which they can access food since humans dump waste that can be used as food.

Urban areas

By nature, raccoons are omnivores, and the suburban and urban areas are a perfect place fora food search since there is so much variety there for them. Many studies have been conducted and there is a suggestion that urban areas are actually a great place for the raccoons because of the paws they have. It is possible for them to damage property with their dexterous paws. They can handle bins, wires, windows, doors and also cabinets. These animals are actually destructive and quite smart. At times they get accustomed to humans and their fear is lessened.

Raccoons can eat birds, apples, pet food, rodents and even grass. If the windows are not closed, it is possible for the raccoons to come into the house and they can end up threatening your pets. They can also be aggressive if they are faced by a possible threat. They have a strong sense of smell and will try to deal with obstacles to the best of their ability to get to food.

Areas they can access

There isn’t a single place that raccoons cannot reach. They can be found in buildings, attics and gardens. For those in North America, spotting a raccoon isn’t much of a surprise. They actually breed very fast and if not checked, you may find yourself dealing with a full infestation.

In Russia, people keep raccoons as pets, while in Germany raccoons are found in almost all areas. This animal being able to adapt so easily to the surroundings means it may make a home within your home, causing problems for you and the entire household.

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