Do raccoons attack cats, dogs, or other pets?

Raccoons have been known to get into small scraps with cats and dogs, and they may also prey on small animals found outside like rabbits and chickens. Dogs are more likely to get into a fight with a raccoon since cats tend to avoid this type of conflict.

Healthy raccoons will not usually pick a fight with a dog, but dogs may chase raccoons. Injured or scared raccoons, a cornered mother who wants to protect their young, and orphaned baby raccoons may be the victims of attacks from dogs. When attacked by a dog, the raccoon may fight back in order to defend themselves. This could lead to both the raccoon and the dog being injured.

If you want to reduce the cases of your pets encountering raccoons, then you should keep in mind the following. Keep cats and rabbits indoor always. When you want to feed dogs or cats outside, do this only during the day and remove the food as soon as they are done eating. You should not allow the dogs to move around outside unleashed and unsupervised.

Sometimes raccoons may kill a cat just for sport. But the cats usually have the sense to steer clear of raccoons. However, the dogs may be more up for a fight against raccoons, so they are in the most danger of raccoon attacks.

Most of the attacks from raccoons take place during the night. Dog owners will need to be cognizant of the risk of raccoon attacks during the night and take precautions to protect their pets. When a raccoon attacks a dog, it will try to claw at its eyes and it will try to eviscerate it. The raccoons are known to scratch and bite using amazing ferocity and speed.

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