How to catch a raccoon with a snare pole

The best way to catch a raccoon is by using the most human trapping mechanisms that are available especially where adults are concerned. For the juvenile or baby raccoons, they have to be captured by hand so as to ensure that no harm comes to them for any reason at all. There are some instances where one can be able to use a snare pole to catch a raccoon. Usually, when the wildlife removal services get to your residence, they may be able to spot the raccoon and this is what makes snaring a rather simple task. It is important to note that snaring a raccoon is not a very easy feat. The easiest raccoons to capture through snaring are those that feel cornered or those that are sick.

Once the raccoon has been spotted, you need to quickly prepare the snare and loop the animal’s neck. It then has to be taken away. The looping part has to be done as quickly as possible as this ensures that the trauma caused is kept to the minimal. After the raccoon has been snared, it is then pout inside a trap where the snare pole is then released. This has to be done very fast. Raccoons are known as some of the most familiar and most destructive critters that are found in North America.

They are animals that in the past typically lived in wooded areas and meadows, but now they have realized that being near humans may yield better food scores, so they have started to make their homes in urban and rural environments. You can actually create your own snare if you want to try catching raccoons by yourself. However, it is important to note that this method isn’t that easy to use and be successful at it. You can create the kind of handle that you think will work best. There are people who prefer a longer pole and a snare loop that is also bigger. You can also create the snare pole to weigh much less than what is usually the case.

To create the pole, you will need PVC pipe of the length that you prefer, two copper pieces which is used to sweat the copper pipes together and to prevent wearing of the pipe, copper pipe that serves as a T handle, a few feet cable, a hammer and a hacksaw. You will also need one eighth cable ferule as well as stop set. These have to be assembled together so as to create the snare pole buy you can actually buy a snare pole that is already ready to use.

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