What to do about a raccoon on the roof

When you notice raccoons on the roof, they are absolutely there for a reason. It is a great likelihood that they have found some sort of food there or they are just curious and want to take a stroll on your rooftop. However, these two are unlikely. The reason why you may see raccoons on the roof is probably because they have been able to find a nice place to live there. There may be a gap under an eave or sometimes in the soffit. Also, it is highly likely that they have been able to locate a hole through which they are able to get into the attic and are living there.

Getting rid of the raccoons needs to be carried out in a professional manner and as soon as possible. Forts, you need to make a determination as to why exactly they are ion the roof. If they are there to get into the attic, then you will have to find the best way to remove them from in there. If you discover raccoons in your attic, you need to make sure that there are no young ones left behind before you can finally seal out all the entry holes.

If they are not trying to get into the attic, then they may be living on the roof. You need to trap them, and then remove them. However, you need to know that:

• Raccoons are really good at climbing and it may be very difficult to stop them from getting on to the roof. The can be able to ascend house corners and climb the downspouts. However, if there is a tree just next to the house, you should trim the branches so as to ensure that they don’t use the path to get to the roof.

• If the animals are there looking for shelter, you need to eliminate all the gaps under eaves and the debris that they seem to like sheltering under. Remove any old branches that maybe on your roof and if possible, install a mesh made of still so as to make it hard for them to access those gaps.

• The other thing you should know is the fact that raccoons could be up there because they really want to be there or they are able to get to the attic. Raccoons are found in North America. They have started to make their homes in urban and rural environments.

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