How to make a raccoon trap

Raccoons look cute, but they can be annoying when they are moving into the yard, attic or chimney. You may build a homemade raccoon trap on your own and it will not cost you too much.

You should start by getting a sturdy and tall garbage can, a picnic table and other long objects which are at least as tall as a garbage can, a plank of wood, and bait.

Setting up the trap:

- Put the garbage can close to the end of a table and secure it with the bricks and rocks so that it will not tip.

- Fill the garbage can one-fourth to one-third full with water.

- Put the plank on the table with one end hanging over the garbage can. The board has to stay on the table, but it should not fall or tilt if the raccoon steps on it.

- Put the bait where the plank is overhanging, and you have to do it when it is close to nightfall since birds and other animals may take off the bait during the day.

- Check your trap the following morning. When you find the raccoon inside, you should take it to a certain location and release it. Keep in mind that raccoons can be vicious.

Using a cinder block trap:

You will need to have:

- Bait

- Two cinder blocks

- A sturdy and tall garbage can

Put a garbage can in the area where it is accessible. Put one cinder block at the end of the garbage can. Lay a second cinder block at the side of the bottom of the garbage can. Place the bait on the second cinder block. Check the trap the next morning. When the raccoon is found there, remove it and release it where you think it is safe for you and for it.

Remember to always bait the trap and put something that the raccoon will like such as peanut butter and fish. The raccoon will go in the trap looking to get the food and it will be caught. The water inside is important since if there is no water, then the raccoon can crawl out or jump out.

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