Is a raccoon that is active during the daytime rabid?

There are many myths that you may have heard regarding wild animals. One of the myths about the raccoons is that if you ever see one active in the day, it most definitely has rabies. This is not true at all. Many people just assume that because they spotted a raccoon in the day tine, then it’s rabid.

Primarily, the raccoons are nocturnal. The truth is that they can also forage very frequently in the daylight hours too. This is most often when the raccoons have not fed enough or the females that need to feed young ones. In both cases, the animals will need to add some extra time so as to look for food and this is why you may spot them moving while the sun is still out. If you see the animal but it is moving in a normal manner, there is a great likelihood that it is alright. When the animal seems to be going round in circles and falling, there is cause for worry.

Raccoons were typically lived in wooded areas and meadows in the past, but now they have realized that being near humans may yield better food scores, so they have started to make their homes in urban and rural environments. If you live in a house that is found near the home of a raccoon, you can expect that it will come to visit at least once. It is also true that a rabid raccoon can be up and about in the day time but that is only one of the symptoms of a sick raccoon. Other symptoms include shaking, whining, drooling, limbs paralysis and other such behaviors. Rabies isn’t so common in some areas but you should always look out for possible symptoms. If the animal seems to be alert and of it looks healthy, it may actually be alright. Rabies in the raccoons is however quite common in certain areas.

Rabies is a very deadly disease and that is why most animal control officers always try as much as possible to control the disease. The other thing you should always note is that the disease is debilitating in nature and it is only contagious when the animal is already very sick and it may be incapacitated at the time. Unless you notice some staggering or an animal walking round in circles because of confusion, it may not be rabid. The infectious stage is a few days before the animal finally dies. However, there are other risks that the animal can pose so it is wise to stay away.

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