Rabbit Prevention - How to keep rabbits away from your yard or garden

Rabbit prevention is easy when you are aware of the right methods to use. A rabbit is part of the rodent animals that can ruin your yard or garden. There are many ways to get rid of rabbits or prevent them from entering your yard.


You can buy a net, which is the most common method that won’t create any mess with your garden. The rabbits often find ways to dig through and ruin the plants. If you don’t want them to reach the leaves of your plants, you should be able to use a wire net for the best result. Netting helps to provide protection for the plants at the seed stage. The mesh will separate the garden from outsiders such as these rabbits. Keep in mind that you have to build the fence up to 2 feet high.

Rabbit repellents

There are also many rabbit repellents sold in the market today. This can be a beneficial way for you to remove the rodents from your property.

Repellents, however, are a temporary solution since the odor will soon fade. Plus, if the repellent contains chemicals, it will likely cause a bad smell for your plants. Thus, always use these with caution and don’t spray your plants with chemicals if it is not necessary.

You can also use natural predators to ward rabbits off. They can easily get threatened by the presence of predators. Try to spread the cat’s feces or your other pets’ feces near the area so they may not come closer. This is a natural method since the feces can be decomposed into fertilizer later on.

Trapping is a general method that is commonly used. This is often an expert’s suggestion that clears out the problem quickly and neatly. This can be the best course since you can use them legally based on the law that your local authorities set up.

These are some of the best ways to keep rabbits away. You can use these methodswhen you need to get rid of the pests.

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