How to get rid of opossums without killing them

Opossums aren’t aggressive by nature, but they can cause conditions that aren’t too pleasant hygienically speaking. They can also be aggressive if they feel threatened or when they are sick. There are some effective methods that can be applied to deal with opossums and get rid of them completely.

One of the most effective ways that will help keep opossums away is to make the environment less appealing to them. You may also set some live traps to remove them physically.

Another way to deal with possums if they are already giving you a hard time is to set up some motion activated sprinklers and lights. These need to be placed near the house or property and all around the fruit trees. You may also consider any other place where you may have spotted the possums. The devices are triggered when the possum crosses them, and when they go on, all the motion and sudden light may scare the animal away. You may notice that the sprinklers work much better compared to the lights. Skittish possums may be handled by the lights, but if you have possums that are hard to startle and are more mature, the sprinklers are the better option.

You may also use cat or dog fur. A potential predator scent may actually deter the possums and they may stop hanging around. To be safe, don’t allow your pet cat or dog to go roaming in the yard as a means of scaring a possum. A fight may erupt with the possum or any other animal and it could be fatal.

You could also try out something with a potent smell such as garlic, mothballs, or ammonia. These are some of the scents that the possums don’t really like. Ammonia should be poured onto rags and then left in areas where opossums have been noticed. Also, mothballs can be scattered in such areas. They can be scattered within mesh bags or individually. A clove of crushed garlic can also be used. Repellents aren’t a permanent solution to dealing with any nuisance animals.

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