Do possums attack cats, dogs, or other pets?

Possums are, in general, non-aggressive animals. But, of course, if someone disturbs them or threatens them, then they can attack a person or an animal. But one singe possum will most likely avoid confrontation with another animal. So possums are not really a threat to a pet. Possums are a bigger threat for trees and plants than for pets. Since possums feed themselves with leaves, they can create damage to plants. In New Zealand, for instance, where the number of possums is very big because there are no predators of possums, possums are considered to be pests in some areas.

The only animalsthat possums are a threat to are birds because possums compete with birds for their natural habitat. Possums are always looking for quality leaves for their food, and they also build their habitats in trees. So in order to establish a habitat, possums can attack surrounding birds and eat their eggs. So only if you have a bird as your pet will you need to be careful and consider how to protect your bird if there are possums.

But usually in nature possums are the prey of other predators. In the wild, depending on the region, there are different kinds of animals that are predators of possums. For instance, foxes, birds of prey, wild cats, Tasmanian devils, dogs, dingos, and snakes are all known to prey on the possum.

In some areas possums are seen to be pests because they can be seen searching for food in urban waste or dumpsters or bins that are not cleaned. So if you have pets, be careful when passing near some bins or garbage to avoid a confrontation with possums, although possums are usually animals that will avoid conflict with other animals.

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