Do possums dig holes or burrow underground?

It is possible that possums sometimes dig holes, but possums are not known for doing that. Possums usually spend most of their lives in trees, and so possums do not tend to make their habitat on the ground, but in the trees.

Possums are creatures that prefer to live in trees, hanging on the limbs in the summer and going into holes of trees and cavities in the winter. But it is true that possums sometimes use holes in the ground that are made by some other animal. So that is perhaps one reason why people might think that possums usually dig holes. No, they do not usually dig holes, but they might use already existing holes to hide themselves or to make their habitat for some period.

Possums will most likely visit your garden during the night and “clean it” from fallen fruits, snakes and insects. So do not be afraid – possums will probably not cause any damage to your garden and will not dig any holes in it. Instead, it is more probable that they will eliminate other pests that are a real threatto your garden.

Possums are small creatures, generally not bigger than a cat, and they have small paws, which are perfectly good for climbing. However, those pawns are not suited for digging hard land in your garden or anywhere else. Possums have five toes and a paw that generally resembles a spread out human hand, and the skin on their paws is too weak and too fragile for any manual work like digging. To dig land an animal must have strong paws, like some bigger dogs, but possums are not like that. Possums more resemble cats than dogs. So you do not have to worry that possums will dig or burrow underground on your property.

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