Do possums climb well?

Yes, possums climb pretty well. That is because possums usually live in trees. Possums have sharp and strong claws, so with the help of their claws they can climb very easily on trees. Possums can, like squirrels, often be seen on telephone wires, so they are very crafty in climbing and balancing their way through different areas that are not easy to go through. Possums also tend to sometimes go in an attic and spend time there. While they climb to the attic, they make unpleasant noises, which are caused by the scratching of their claws while they are climbing on walls and on roofs also.

Interestingly, possums use their tails to hang on trees, and that is possible for them because their body weight is not too great. There are different reasons why possums climb on trees. Some species build their own habitats there, and some species are just looking for tasty fruits. Of course, the other main reason why possums are going to climb up trees oron roofs is because they are looking for shelter from bad weather or from predators. Even some birds of prey will have a hard time catching a possum which is on a tree. Because possums are quite crafty in climbing on trees, birds cannot find them and cannot catch them easily.

And so, yes, possums are good climbers, and they do not climb just on trees; they also climb on walls (usually when going to roofs) or other kinds of ‘terrain’ for climbing such as fences, rock piles, and others. They are capable of finding their way through difficult areas, and this is why we must consider possums as very crafty climbers and also, some might say, very noisy climbers.

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