Should I ever poison a wild animal?

There are a number of ways to get rid of nuisance wild animals. One of the methods that people use is poison. This method involves administering lethal doses of killer chemicals to the intended animal. It is not one of the best methods to use for eliminating unwanted wildlife because it has many repercussions.

Killing may not be the best option

Killing a wild animal is not the solution to your problem. This is because problems must be solved from the root cause of animals invading your property. The first thing you should do is make sure that your property environment is not attracting the wild animals. For instance, there could be entry holes that the animals are using to get inside. After sealing these places, you will not have an animal invasion problem.

Poison drawbacks

The main problem with using poison is that you have to place it somewhere where it will be available to the targeted animal, your pets, and even kids. This makes it a dangerous way of killing wild animals.

Poisoning is a cruel method

Poisoning is a cruel and very inhumane method of killing wild animals. This is because the animal does not die immediately after being poisoned. It will die a slow death where it will undergo a lot of stress. After the death of the animal, you are not sure you will find the carcass. This poses the danger of a foul smell and spread of diseases. Secondary deaths may occur if the dead animal is eaten by others. If the animal consumes a less amount of poison, it might end up being sick instead of dying. If poison is to be used in any way, then one must carry out utmost care.

Try other alternative methods

There are other more humane alternative methods that one can use.

• Using lethal traps – here snap traps can be used to get rid of the small animals. Death is almost instant. You will be able to dispose of the carcass as it will still be there when you go to check your trap.
• Shooting – some states allow hunting and shooting of wild animals. This method is good for bigger animals.
• Using live traps – these will allow you to catch the animal live without harming it. Then you decide on what to do with it. Most decide to relocate it to another place.

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