Does poison make rats thirsty and die outside?

There is a myth that you may have heard that when you use poison on rats they will actually get very thirsty and will go outside the home and die. This is just a myth and there is no truth to it. The truth is that the animals will simply get lethargic and they will die within your household. Most of the pest control companies and even homeowners will resort to the use of rat poison to deal with a rat infestation as an attempt to handle the issue at hand. The poison will not solve your issue as permanently as you may think – it could end up being a very temporary solution. Also, it may not be effective in killing all the rats that are within the household and you will need to do even more than that.

One of the issues that you will have to deal with should you resort to using poison is dead rats within the walls and the attic or other places within the house. You may not even be able to locate the dead rat and the stink will be simply horrible. One rat can cause the whole house to have a stench lasting for even two weeks.

Most people using poison will tell you that the rats will simply get thirsty and leave your home in search of water and so they will die out there. This isn’t the truth and you will never actually see any poison bearing the claim.

Poison works by causing a hemorrhage in the internals of the rat. This doesn't cause thirst or hunger but rather suffering and causing the animals to be totally lethargic. They may not even be able to move outside and they will likely die within your walls.

Any experts who have ever dealt with rats and have been able to take care of infestations can shed light on the facts that surround the use of poisons. Using poison is a dangerous thing to do as it will affect you too.

Poison won’t necessarily solve the rat issue that you may have. Even though it may be effective at killing a few of the rats within your home, you will have more and more coming into your home. You need to deal with the problem from its roots. This is the only way you can get rid of the rats effectively.

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