Does using poison cause dead rats in the house?

Poison is a very dangerous thing and it can cause death once it gets absorbed into one’s body. This means that poison can cause dead rats inside your house. You need to note that the rats can be really annoying as they cause a lot of damage once they are in the house. Sometimes homeowners feel that they are out of options and choose to poison them. There are different ways in which you can handle poisoning. The poison can be administered in water or baits. Water seems more effective because rats never miss the chance to drink water.

There are different types of poisons, and they include:

These are deadly because they cause heavy bleeding and pains within the joints and muscles. The animal eventually dies of circulatory shock.

These attack the nervous system and causes death due to pain after it is consumed.

This also causes death through muscular convulsions, and the rat dies because of exhaustion.

It causes cellular damage to different tissues and organs. The most affected are the liver and the kidney. This leads to heart failure and ultimately death.

This causes abnormalities in body functions. It leads to renal failure and hypertension, leading to death.

If these poisons are used on a rat inside the house, they will lead to death. One of the things you may note is that when a rat feels like it’s in agony, it will move to a hard to reach area, looking for some form of comfort. It may then die there and you will be left with the daunting task of locating it and removing it. It will cause a significant odor, especially when the rat infestation was rather huge. This is something that you may not want to deal with.

Using poisons is not a very humane thing to do. This is because there is no guarantee of how much poison the rat will take. Sometimes it can be taken in small quantities and then the effects set in and the animal goes through too much unnecessary agony. There are other ways in which you can handle a rat infestation humanely.

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