Will a pest control company remove a raccoon?

You should not hire pest control companies or exterminators to deal with conflicts that are caused by wildlife. Some people may not be aware of who they have to turn to if they are experiencing a raccoon problem. The big companies may come into the mind of some people and some may think about pest companies that they may have used in the past to handle issues in their home. However, the truth is that pest control will not be able to get rid of the raccoons.

Pest control companies are also known as exterminators and they have been licensed by the department of agriculture in their state to kill insects through the use of pesticides. This practice is not related to the resolution of a wildlife conflict. The problem is that there are some people who may be confused and they may assume that the same company is capable of dealing with all the problems, including raccoon problems. There are companies that are not willing to turn away any business and they may try to do wildlife control even if it is not in their domain. This will lead to a terrible result since they will not have the right information to do the job in the right way, and most of the time they may use poison to kill the raccoons.

When poison is used to kill the animals, it is the definition of inhumane, lazy and ignorant. The use of poison is also ineffective and it should not be used in any circumstance. It is illegal to use poison on wildlife and there is nothing that guarantees that the raccoon will eat the poison and not something else. Sometimes the animal can be sick and can suffer, but in the end they may not die. Before the animal dies, it may go back in the shed, porch, walls and attic and any other place and they may die in these places.

When this happens, it is not easy to reach the dead raccoon and it can make the entire house smell bad. Raccoons are opportunistic feeders, and they will remember the locations where food is available and how they may unlatch or open the containers for over three years. The animal has impressive memory recall that enables the raccoon to become a repeat offender when it comes to home invasion or garbage scavenging. The cleanup that is needed after the raccoons scavenge is normally less hassle compared to the cleanup required after raccoons have ruined building materials in the garage.

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