Will a pest control company remove a snake?

As you have probably found out, local animal services provide help and assistance with domestic animals/pets – primarily cats and dogs. They don't deal with wildlife animals.

When it comes to pest control companies, they also generally don't handle snakes. Pest control companies are usually registered to handle wildlife animals from the families of insects and rodents, such as: cockroaches, ants, bees, squirrels, raccoons, rats and mice, etc. When it comes to snakes, not all wildlife rehabilitators provide removal services. Snakes are a concern for both people living on a specific property and for the wildlife rehabilitators because it is important to determine whether the snake in question is venomous and why it is on your property in the first place.

If the snake is just passing by, there is no need for panic and for professional removal of the snake. It is also possible that the snake in question isn't a venomous snake and is actually good to have around. Snakes feed on small rodents such as mice and rats, which means that they are good for your property as they will help you fight another annoying menace: rodents.

If you determine (by looking online for pictures of dangerous snakes) that the snake on your property is indeed a venomous snake and that it isn't just passing through but is actually living somewhere in your vicinity, it is necessary to reach out and contact registered professionals for snake removal to get their help. As we have already mentioned, pest companies rarely deal with snakes (venomous or harmless) as their primary area of expertise is insects and rodents. This is why it is important to look through a directory of wildlife rehabilitators that deal with snakes. There are lots of such professionals; you just need to Google them and you will surely find at least one registered in your area. Because snakes are native to the majority of regions of our country, professionals who remove snakes are also available in most areas, so we are sure that you will have no problem locating one.

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