What should I do if I find an orphaned baby wild animal wandering about?

It is possible to see orphaned wild animal babies in your area wandering about. When animal babies are very small, they do not leave the nest. They are constantly fed and sheltered by their mothers.

There are a number of reasons why they could be wandering.

• Death of the mother – in some tragic events, the mother may end up dying and leaving the young ones helpless.
• Abandoned babies – there are some cruel mothers who abandon their young ones. Although this is very rare, it can happen.
• Lost babies – when they come of age, the babies start moving out of their nests, and in such cases they can get lost.
• Injured or sick babies – it is very possible for injured babies to get separated from their mothers.
• Fallen off babies – some babies can fall off from their nests and some mothers won’t be able to take them back.

Determine if the babies need help

The first thing to do is analyze if the young ones need help. Once you are sure they need help, determine if you will be able to help them. For instance, if they have fallen from the nest and you know where it is, you can carefully take them back.

Injured and orphaned animals

When a baby animal is injured or orphaned, it is best to seek the services of an animal expert in your area. This is because they have all the knowledge required to handle such cases. These experts know what to do with the young ones and how to handle them. For instance, they might take the abandoned young ones to a rehabilitation center where it will be taken care of by experts.

It is not good to handle the young animal if you have not contacted a professional first. Even the small animals can become aggressive. When you have contacted a person, you have to describe the animal and its physical condition accurately. If you have not been told something else, you should try to put the animal in a safe place and wait for the animal expert to arrive. Always remember to handle all animals in a humane manner.

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