What is a one-way exclusion door?

Owning a house comes with many challenges, and one of them is finding ways of keeping them animal free, especially if you have a large garden or live near a park or a forest. Small rodents like mice and squirrels like to make their home in our attics because they offer warmth and protection from the harsh weather and hungry predators, as well as providing perfect nooks and crannies where they can build their nests and breed freely.

Obviously, prevention methods are recommended as a first step, but despite our best efforts, they’re not always effective. Sometimes, the damage is done, and we have to find a way of removing these tiny little visitors before they become numerous and wreak havoc in our homes.

The usual traps and poisons are the traditional killing methods to get rid of rats and mice, but not all animals need to die to be effectively removed, and the truth is that not everyone has the heart to do it. There are some ways of luring the small animals out of your home, without causing them harm, but if not relocated, they will try to find their way back in.

One way exclusion doors are a very effective, gentle and humane way of capturing wild animals inside the home, so that they can be released into a proper environment without causing it any harm.

It basically consists of a small opening that allows small animals like mice or squirrels to enter, but not get out, leading them down a short tunnel that ends in a cage. You can place some bait at the end of the funnel, like peanut butter, some nuts or a sugary treat; this will effectively lure them in and trap them harmlessly inside the box.

Once you have trapped the adults, you must seek out the nest and remove the babies. Place them in a box with newspaper or some old rags, and make sure that they have breathing holes so they don’t suffocate. Take the captured animals to a safe environment and open the cage with the adult animals first, preferably close to a tree or a bush where they can hide quickly. Leave the box with the nest and the babies close by, and open, so that they can sniff out their young and retrieve them as soon as you’re gone.

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