Noises in attic but no droppings

Sometimes you can hear noises in attics but there may be no sign of an animal in the attic. The sound can be like scurrying during the night or day. The sound may sound like a big animal, but sometimes a little animal may also sound like a big animal.

When you go in the attic to see what is going on there, you may see no sign of the animal like droppings or chewed materials. However, you may feel or hear that there is something in the ceiling.

If this is the case and you do not feel that you should call the exterminator company without being sure of what you have in the attic, then you should get a trap to try to catch what is making noise in the attic.

If you aren’t able to trap the animal, then it will be time to call an exterminator. He is able to determine what the animal is in your attic and close the holes they use to enter inside. If it is an animal with babies, you may have to wait until they grow up so that you can chase them away or an exclusion method is used. The animal will be enticed to come out, and once it comes out, the entrance where it entered inside will be closed. This ensures that the animal will not come back inside.

The sounds made by the mice during the night are lighter since the animal is smaller. But the thickness of drywall, house acoustics and insulation will play a big role in the volume of the noise which you will hear.

If you hear the noise within the attic or walls, regardless if it is during the night or day, you should know that you have an uninvited guest in the home.

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