What should I do if I find a nest of raccoons in the attic?

One of the most frequent things that raccoons do is to create nests within the trees and the attic. Females will usually have around 3-5 babies per litter. Usually, the nesting season for the raccoons is in spring and the peak birth period is March. You will be able to start noticing the baby in April. The nesting season will however vary depending on where exactly the raccoons are inhabiting. In the south, the raccoons can give birth all year round and even in spring.

If you are dealing with a raccoon infestation in your attic, you need to find out whether or not there are young ones involved before you start the trapping and the removal process. When left by themselves, baby raccoons will most definitely die. When you find a baby nest within your attic, you will need to remove them by hand. There is no way that you can trap the young ones since they stay inside the nest as they nurse from the mother until they are around three months. This is the point where they start leaving the nest and they can learn how to forage for food.

It is a very inhumane thing to trap the mother and leave the young ones all by themselves. The raccoons usually build a bed like the other creatures do. If there is a raccoon within your attic, the most probable thing is that they want to have babies. The raccoon is never that picky when it comes to nesting material. While outside, they may use hay and long grasses even though fabric remnants can also be used by the smart animal. When the raccoon is inside the home, it is greatly at ease since the insulation can provide the warmth and the comfort which it so desperately needs for the young ones. The raccoon will therefore shred the material so as to have space where it can burrow. Raccoons are identified as some of the most recognizable as well as the most caustic critters that are found in North America. They are mammals that in the past typically lived in wooded areas and meadows. When the raccoons are conscious that you have chow presented, they will habitually pay a visit to you while searching for protection or foodstuff.

If you find a nest within the attic, you can also use it as a live trap to capture the mom if she hasn’t already been captured. The raccoon will never leave its young and so trapping it will be made so much easier.

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