What should I do if I find a nest of baby groundhogs?

Groundhogs are called woodchucks in some areas, and they like to live in grassy places near homes. They have their homes under the ground and they will eat vegetation, weeds, dandelions, clover and grasses. Some people do not mind having the groundhog on their property; they will keep the grass mowed and aerate their soil while waiting for the next season. However, the groundhog can cause damage under the patio, driveway or shed.

Normally, the groundhog will breed when they reach their second year. However, some groundhogs will breed within the first year. The breeding season can extend from March to late April, when they come from the hibernation. When the birth of the young nears, the male will leave the den. At least one litter will be produced every year, and it contains two to six hairless and blind young that are very helpless.

When they reach six weeks, they will be ready to be weaned and to go out to look for dens on their own. When the mother is not around, the kids may wander out. If you are not sure if the groundhog baby is alone, you should take time to watch it from afar and ensure that the mother is not caring for them anymore before you take action. If you see a burrow nearby and you think that it is where the baby is living with his mother, try to make the baby go inside and reunite with the mother. When nothing is working, then you should call the animal control company. When you see the baby running around or covered in flies or blood, you have to call the wildlife control company at once. When you find a nest full of babies and you do not know what to do, you should call the wildlife rehabilitator to come help. He will be knowledgeable on how to unite the babies with the mother or how to take good care of them. You will need patience to be able to handle the groundhog’s conflict with you.

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