New York City rats are getting bigger

There has been concern in New York about just how big the rats there are. After intense research, people actually know just how big the rats in the area are. The research aimed at determining just how creatures colonize. However, in this process, people have an idea on how different rodents can actually range in their sizes.

There are some myths that state that the rats in New York are as big as your domestic cats but they sure are big. There are some very big rats in New York and they weigh around 675 grams which translates to around 1 ½ pounds. This is a rather scary discovery. The rat was the biggest captured in the area. Most people who don’t like rats are worried that there may be actually bigger rats but there has been no confirmation of this so far. The physiological limit to the rat size is around 2 pounds and confirming a larger size would actually require some sort of physical evidence. In average, the adults weighed around half a pound. The bigger rats used in then research were caught by dogs while small ones had to be trapped.

The Gambian pouched rats located in Big Apple are thought to have been released by pet owners and it is highly unlikely that there are actually breeding.

Regardless of the fact that the rats in New York City ten d to be bigger, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are actually more dangerous. They are just like the common rats that we are accustomed to. According to a study carried out in New York, the population of rats stands at around 2 million.

If you are scared of rats, you can greatly decrease your chances of having an encounter with the bigger ones by staying clear of dumpsters as well as other areas that rat love to hide in. the larger and much older rats are smart too. They allow the smaller and much younger rats to try out new sources of food. As such, they are able to avoid food poisoning in maturity. The largest rats also have reliable and very consistent supply of food and it may not be necessary to try out new sources.

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