Is it legal for me to trap a rat?

Almost all of us have to deal with rats at one time or another. Many methods and even laws have been applied to help people catch and kill rats. However, each country has different regulations in terms of getting rid of rats. You will need to check the applicable laws in your jurisdiction to determine how to kill or remove rats in a humane and legal way.

The methods used in the United States

US laws will usually permit people to kill rats humanely. The laws are still quite restrictive given the explosive population of rats in the country that continue to increase in number.

For instance, Washington DC allows for extermination to remove wildlife animals; however, you need to use a professional service. It is the same with Maryland or Virginia. There are restrictions from using glue or guns. It is recommended to relocate the rats and give them to rehabilitators nearby. The laws are usually the same for squirrels and raccoons.

Most states permit the use of dogs or other pets to control the rapid growth of rodents. Dog hunts, however, can lead to the spread of rabies or other diseases carried by these rats. PETA complains that the use of pets is simply a non-ethical solution, and in some places a person can get arrested when they use dogs for hunting the rodents.

There is a regulation that has been applied in the US since 2012 that states poison cannot be used to kill rats. This is because of the inherent dangers of poison and the possibility that it could harm children and other living animals. When using any controlling method, people have to consider the pets and children that live in the house.

Rat control in Canada

In parts of Canada, rat colonies have been detected. Canadians are not legally allowed to trap the rats. Each province may have a different way of dealing with the rat problem. Alberta has set up a buffer zone to prevent rats from entering and has professionals patrolling that area to ensure rats do not breach it.

Rat control in the UK

There are set rules and regulations against using rat poisons at home. It is banned and restricted from personal use, so it has to be used only by exterminators. These professionals have to earn their license before they can even use the poison. Hence, it is illegal to kill rats on your

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