Is it legal for me to trap a raccoon?

Considering all the efforts that animal protection groups put into protecting all species of animals, it is no wonder that legislation changes often and you are left to wonder if it is legal for you to trap a raccoon. It is necessary to get familiar with local laws when it comes to trapping, killing or even relocating a raccoon that got into your home. Wildlife means the undomesticated animals species and they are the animals that produce or live in the wild in the area where they were not introduced by the humans. The wildlife may be found in each ecosystem like the grasslands, plains, rain forest, forest as well as deserts. Even if the popular term should stand for the wild that has not been touched by the human factors but in most cases, the wildlife has been affected by the human activities.

The majority of states have laws that make it clear whether it’s legal for you to capture a raccoon or not and what your options are if one gets into your home. These laws even define what types of traps are allowed, if trapping is accepted in the first place. To be on the safe side, i.e. to respect the law, you will have to follow specific trap specifications when allowed to trap a raccoon.

Some laws allow you to capture a raccoon that has entered your home or other buildings in your property even if you are not allowed to put a trap to capture it outside of your home or shed. In this case, you can locate a trap inside your home or shed to capture a raccoon and then remove it from your house. Some laws expect you to contact a professional wildlife rehabber to pick up a raccoon from your home and relocate it (to a shelter or to a natural habitat away from your home). In some other cases, you are even allowed to kill a raccoon. Of course, in such situations, the law is specific that killing should be performed in a quick and efficient manner to prevent any animal suffering.

There are different ways to get rid of a raccoon that has entered in your home. Some of these methods include capturing and relocating a raccoon, and others go for a kill. Whatever choice you prefer, first go ahead and get familiar with your local legislation to save yourself from getting penalized when all you wanted was to clear your home from a wildlife animal that is nothing but a nuisance.

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