How to kill Canada Geese

When Canada geese bring many problems to an area, everyone who is near the slow moving river or near the lake will find problems in dealing with them. The birds were an endangered species some years back, but now the protections they were given helped them to be in large number now.

Shooting can be a method used to kill Canada geese, but the problem is that shooting is not always the best solution. Shooting above the geese may have be a nuisance for the flock of geese and they can fly away because of the noise caused by the gun. If shooting is not done on a regular basis, it will not solve the problem with geese. Another problem with this method is that shooting is not easy since the animals are swift while in the air and it is hard to shoot them. Injured birds are also difficult to deal with since they may be dangerous and aggressive.

Poisoning Canada geese may also be an option. Geese can cause a problem over a large area, but when using the poison, it is hard to know if only the geese will eat such poison. When the birds eat the poison, they may fly some distance before they die, and this means that it is a hard task to collect all the carcasses, and the bodies of the geese may be contaminated.

If the Canada geese are in large number, a gas chamber can be used to kill them. However, only wildlife wardens are able to do this. There are some traps that can be used to catch geese, but most of these traps cannot work with Canada Geese. Euthanasia methods include using carbon-dioxide and neck wringing.

Before you decide to kill Canada geese, you should start by learning what the law says about it since most areas protect these birds. Before killing geese, learn how to properly dispose of the carcasses. You may contact the local landfill and the health department to see how to do the right disposal of these carcasses. You may also learn the right way to use the killed geese as food.

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