What are some humane ways to kill an armadillo in a cage?

Armadillos can be considered as nuisance wildlife due to the menace they can be within your property. They love to dig and this activity can fill your yard or garden with undesirable mounds. As they carry out the digging activities, they may end up uprooting all those plants that you consider so precious or flowers and a lawn that you may have worked so hard to maintain.

When you are faced with such an armadillo problem, you could consider trapping them and then killing them. Though it is never advisable to kill armadillos, there are some rare cases where it could be allowed. It is important that you actually find out more about this in the locality you live in. It is important to note that each jurisdiction has different laws governing how nuisance animals should be dealt with.

If you indeed choose to kill an armadillo, it should be done in the most humane way possible. There are those who choose to poison armadillos using things that are readily available at the local department stores. You may have seen so many ads promising a quick death to the armadillos. However, this is never a good choice. This is because poison can cause a very slow death to any kind of animal. You have no control over how much poison the armadillo will actually take and how it will react to it.

A body grip is the other method that one could consider like the connibear. This should be placed in the path that the armadillo frequently uses. Again the effectiveness of the grip depends of the brand and how well it is placed. This should only be used by an expert.

A shotgun or riffle can also be used. In this case, you should make the shot as precise as possible. You need to be very good at it so as not to maim that armadillo in the process, causing a slow and very painful death. A bullet to the head should be enough to put an armadillo down.

You may also choose to trap the armadillo and take it to a rehabilitator who can put it down in a humane way.

Even if your locality doesn’t oppose the killing of armadillos, it is not always advisable to go this way. There are much better ways of dealing with armadillos without killing them. Killing an armadillo takes too much work and it can be frustrating too if one method fails and you have to try another one.

Using grips and poison poses a danger to other animals, including your pets. Instead of killing them, you can choose to live trap them and then relocate them to an area far from your home. This may cost considerably less and is less hectic in comparison to other methods you may be considering.

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