How to keep rats out of my garbage

Rats love to snoop through garbage in search for food, because there is so much of it in garbage bins. Our garbage along with pet food that is left outside on the porches is the primary source of food for rats and is definitely one of the important reasons why there are many more rats in cities than in the wild. It can often happen that rats will go into garbage cans or dumpsters and will get stuck there. When a rat has located food in a dumpster or a garbage can, it will remember it and keep on returning there for as long as the food source is available there. This is the reason why it is important to always firmly close dumpster lids and garbage can covers. If a rat tries to turn over a garbage can and sometimes manages it, secure it in a different way, for example, by strapping it down with elastic cords or with concrete blocks. It might be a good idea to keep garbage cans inside the garage and to take them out to the curb when its time for emptying. If you need to get rats out from your garbage can or from a dumpster, the best idea is to call a professional pest company rather than risk getting bitten or scratched by a rat. Rats are carriers of different dangerous diseases and it is best to avoid getting in direct contact with them.

Basically, the most important thing to keep rats away from your garbage is to take preventative measures. There are several simple steps that will enable you to protect your garbage and subsequently your home from rats:

• Remove all the junk that is around your home because this will keep the area clear and discourage rats from digging holes and making their home in a close vicinity of yours.
• Keep garbage cans firmly shut and food in the house stored in safe containers.
• If you keep pet bowls on the porch or elsewhere outside, either move it inside or remove food remains as soon as your pet has finished its meal.
• Clean up pet feces regularly, on a daily basis.

In a case where rats are still a problem after you have applied all of the previously mentioned measures, you can try posting a barrier around your yard to prevent rats from burrowing. Post the barrier at least 10 inches under the ground, and equally high above the ground. This might not be sufficient depth where rats are adamant to get onto your property, but it will discourage a certain number of them.

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