An analysis of inhumane glue traps for rodents

There are no reasons why people should continue to use glue board traps to catch rodents. They do not work most of the time and they are also inhumane. They are used just once and this means that they are not that economical.

The glue trap is a cruel method that can be used to kill rodents. They are also called glue boards since those are the materials that are used in making such an item. The glue trap is made by the use of cardboard and fiberboard. The sides of the board will then be coated with a sticky adhesive that ensnares the rodent when it comes into contact with it. Even if they are the most inhumane trap that may be used, they are cheap and common in the market right now.

The traps have materials such as synthetic rubber, mineral oils and glue that have been stacked on the board. The board then will be treated using food flavoring with the purpose to lure rodents into the trap. When the trap comes into contact with the rodent, it will immobilize the animal after snaring it. The glue on the trap may rip patches off the fur and skin away from the rodent, or it may suffocate if it is on its face. The rodents that are caught by the glue trap do not have any chance to survive.

The traps are considered inhumane because they cause too much pain compared to other methods that are used to control the rodents. The rodents that are caught by the trap cannot be safely euthanized. Even if the rodent may be released from the trap, it will not survive for a long period because of the massive injuries it may have suffered, the intense stress it felt, and the effects that have been caused by the glue.

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