What are some humane ways to kill a wild animal?

Wild animals when they invade our territories become a nuisance. They include the big animals or large rodents and the very small ones. Once they come to homes, they are very destructive. For instance they often eat plants and dig tunnels in gardens, lawns and even under buildings. This can cause concrete to become loose and eventually come apart from all the digging of the wild animals. Remember that they also carry diseases. Many people cannot tolerate such damage in their homes.

The wild animals can be destructive to:

• Attics
• Wooden structures
• Gardens
• Decks
• Sheds
• Garage

Humane ways of killing wild animals

Many people are angered by the destructive nature of wild animals. They end up wanting to kill the wild animals without considering if there are other alternatives. Thus the methods they employ are inhumane, hazardous and horrifying.

Use of lethal traps

Using lethal traps is a common way of dealing with the nuisance wild animal. Instant killer traps can be used for small rodents. The death is instant and therefore the animal is not tortured.

Use of poised baits

There are those who prefer poisoned baits. The problem is that poisoning has a lot of downsides. It is usually a challenge for animals that move about. The problem with the poison is that you will not be aware of the place where the wild animals alone can access it. By placing poison, you may be putting the life of pets at risk. When the victims die in hideouts or burrows, it is going to be hard to dispose of them, and the smell is horrible.


Shooting is another way that people can kill nuisance animals. It is a humane way that can be applied to large animals. The shooter has to be good at shooting so that the animal can be brought down in a single shot. Before you kill any animal, it is good to check the laws and check if there are other regulations that have been put in place regarding how the nuisance animals have to be killed. There are also laws about how to dispose of the carcass after killing the animal and they have to be followed.

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