Humane rat traps

Rats may seem cute to some people, but not when they start to cause problems like destroying your property and invading your home. The most common solution that many people turn to is poison to get rid of these animals. Besides poison, sticky traps offer an alternative to getting rid of the rodents since they cannot walk off the trap. However, the rats will die a slow, painful death from dehydration.

There are better ways to deal with rats while preventing and minimizing adverse consequences to the environment. If the rats only cause problems for some areas, then you may use rat proofing to keep the rats away from these places. Having a cat or a rat terrier is the best way to keep the rats away.

Live traps are preferred by many people, and this is the best way to catch the annoying animals. However, you have to be aware of where you can release these rats away from your property. If you do not want to keep dealing with the rats, then you may have to use lethal traps, but keep in mind to be as humane as you can be.

The spring trap uses old technology, but it continues to be the greenest and cleanest option. The spring trap can kill the animal instantly, and there are only rare cases where the trap may just wound the rats. It is good to make sure that the model you are using can be cleaned such as a heavy duty plastic or metal base while avoiding those that have multi-packs or a wooden base. Wear rubber gloves and a dusk mask while getting rid of the dead rats.

Electrocution traps ensure that the dead rats will not be seen by people who do not want to use the poison because they don’t want to deal with dead rats. These traps include two piece housing or waterproof electronics that can be cleaned easily. You should use this trap if you do not want to use a spring trap or poison.

There are many places where you can get idea on how to make a rat trap. After getting rid of the rats using the humane traps, you have also to ensure that they do not come back to your property. Make sure that the rats will not be able to enter through the air brick covers or holes in the structure.

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