How to trap a rabbit

Rabbits are agile animals that have the ability to jump and explore, which makes rabbits sometimes difficult to control. You could become annoyed by the presence of rabbits around you because they can damage crops, gardens and your yard. But catching a rabbit is not easy, given its capabilities and fast motion. Here are some trap methods that are safe for rabbits and humans that you can use to remove the problem.

1. Spring Snare

This trap is designed to capitalize on the sliding knot (lasso knots) on the rope trap. Generally for small-sized animals, such as birds,a simple rope trap can be placed on the ground or hung from a tree limb or a heavy stone. Then when an animal has been caught, it could not go anywhere else. This trap is good for rabbits or larger animals such as deer.

2. Hanging Snare

Hanging snare trap models usually use flexibile branches and stakes with grooves connected by a rope lasso.The trap is intended to capture larger animals such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, and others.

3. Trap Hole Trappers

This trap is a modification of the rope trap and trap holes. The trap is made up of a lasso rope tied to a strong tree limb that is placed horizontally.The hole trap will need to be dug with the depth being adjusted according to the animal to be captured. It can be camouflaged with foliage and the lasso can be placed on the foliage.

Its working principle is simple; the hole in the ground is equipped with spears tapered at the base and the surface of the hole is covered with brittle twigs and leaves. When the prey passes directly on top of the branches, it will be broken and the animal will fall into a hole and be punctured by the pointed spears. This trap should be placed in areas frequented by the rabbits.

Traps of this type could be used for small animals such as rabbits and even larger animals such as pigs or deer by adjusting the diameter and depth of the trapdoor.

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