How to trap a Gopher

If you have a gopher around, you may never get to see it because it will be spending most of the time underground. You will only be able to see the dirt that the gopher may have dug out to make the tunnels that are known as gopher mounds.

Many people who are looking to trap gophers will look first for a lethal trap, and this is because when they catch a live gopher, they will have to deal with other problems. The traps have to be set near the tunnels because, even though they tend to stay underground, they will occasionally surface at the top.

However, people may also purchase a non-lethal trap to help them catch the gophers. They are the same as the cage traps, but they have an enclosed plastic tunnel at the place where the metal will close on the gopher when it enters inside. There have been efforts to adapt the lethal traps by using rubber covers in order to turn them into live traps that will simply hold the animals, but this method might not be that effective.

Most people who are using a trap to catch a gopher know to use the traps at the entrance of a burrow. This is where the gopher is likely to trigger the trap. The lethal trap is usually designed to work well inside of the gopher tunnel. However, there are some lethal traps that have been designed to be placed at the end of a burrow. The gophers will plug the burrow naturally, and they can be identified by the small circular patch of earth with the usual mounds of dirt. You can place a tube trap at the opening and when the gopher goes to plug the hole, the tube will close and trap the gopher.

Most of the time, there is no need to bait the gopher trap. However, if you think there is a need to use bait, it is good to use an apple, lettuce or peanut butter as the bait.

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