How to trap a Canada Goose

The Canada goose is a type of bird that was about to become extinct because of too much hunting in the last century. After many efforts were used to revive this bird, they have now become a successful species.

When you have problems with a Canada goose, you may want to learn how to trap it. There are many issues that you have to keep in mind when it comes to trapping geese. The problem is that they like to live in flocks, and this means that it is important to learn how to deal with a large number of geese and not just one bird. Most of the traps used to trap the birds are not that successful since they may end up catching wildfowl or other animals. When it comes to the type of traps that need to be used, it is important that such a trap be designed specifically to catch the Canada geese. The trap has to be triggered by hand and it requires two people to keep the geese under the net. The net traps may be used if the geese are found in the water, but they will also need input from the trapper.

When netting, the geese should be pre-baited in order to get the animal to feed in a capture zone. The net is then fired remotely and the geese have to be gathered quickly so that they may not be injured.

A round up is typically done in June or July when geese cannot fly because they are molting. The geese may be herded into the funnel traps and translocated, or they may be euthanized according to the permit you have. Translocation is most successful with goslings since they may not be attached to the area yet.

Alpha-Chlorolose is a chemical that can be used as a stupefying agent, and it allows the capture of the geese.

Trapping a Canada goose is not a method that is used in most cases since it is a temporary solution and there is a real possibility that the geese will come back. Modifying the area where the geese like to stay will be more effective.

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