How to trap a chipmunk

There are a number of factors that should be considered when you want to trap chipmunks irrespective of their population. To begin with, you must choose the best traps to use. It is highly recommended to buy high quality types so that you do not compromise the end results. You can choose one door traps or opt for the two or three door traps. It is all a matter of choice and preference. Of course, the type of trap you use must have a proven record of being excellent.

The other thing that you must consider carefully is trap placement. Where you place your trap will either make or break the entire process. For this reason, it is highly recommended to place the traps along fences, near bushes, underneath the structure where the rodents have been sighted, as well as in attics. Basically, place the traps where the rodents frequent to have a higher chance of trapping them. If you place your traps in the animals’ burrows and along walls, chances are that you will be trapping several in a single day. They like to travel where there is cover, and so this makes walls the best position for trap placement.

It is equally important to use the correct bait if you really want to trap chipmunks. When choosing bait, choose those that the rodents will find difficult to steal like smeared peanut butter or something similar. If you are using nuts, then ensure that the traps are big enough. Additionally, the bait should be a kind of food that these rodents really like – the taste matters a lot. If you have no idea about these foods, be advised to solicit expert help to prevent you from wasting time and money.

It is highly recommended to place your preferred trap correctly so that you do not compromise the end results. Even if you get the best traps, wrong positioning will not get you the required results. Always keep checking the trap for any results, and get rid of the rodent as fast as possible.

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