How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove rats without trapping them

It’s a fact that the removal of rats can be pretty difficult if you have no idea how to best tackle the problem. However, with the use of one-way exclusion funnels, you stand a good chance of getting rid of the rat menace. In order to get the best results, always follow all the instructions to the letter regardless of the magnitude of the problem at hand. Remember, a slight mistake will either cause you to repeat the entire process or the problem will not be solved at all.

To begin with, make it a point to do some thorough observations and evaluate the problem. In other words, start by inspecting the attic and every corner of the house to ascertain the entry and exit points of the rats. These holes can sometimes be pretty small with some being ½”, and so it takes a keen eye to notice them. Then take some time to seal all the noticeable entry holes you come across with steel (except for one) before you start using the one-way exclusion funnel. This is one factor that other techniques also use as it gives rats few options for mischief.

If you have sealed all the holes except one, then it’s high time you set up an exclusion funnel at the primary exit and entry hole. This is an important step as it will determine whether the rats will come back or not. If you hear no squeaking or scratching noises at night, then your efforts were not wasted. It is highly recommended that you get high quality funnels so that you get the best possible results fast. Last but not least, try to clean the attic or other areas that rats might have visited during the ordeal.

The one-way exclusion funnels are highly recommended for persons who do not want to kill the rats by using poison, leaving a foul smell hanging around the home. It is important to note that with this technique your health is never compromised whatsoever. In fact, it is better than other techniques like shooting or smoking and traps, which can be of great concern if wrongly implemented. If there is a choice, you are advised to go for nothing but the best there is, especially when it comes to getting rid of rats and other rodents in your home.

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