How to kill rabbits

There are many ways to kill a rabbit, and these are some of the tips you can use.

Kill rabbits using poisons

Poison may not be a legal method to kill a rabbit in many locations, but it is often used. Technically, the poison used for rabbits is similar to the ones used for rodent animals. Rabbits eat the plants in the garden, and when you poison them, they can no longer damage your property.

When you are frustrated with the damage, you can use this method to kill the breeders if it is legal where you live. Small rabbits might be removed using poisons on the bait used in traps. As the population grows larger, this is the method often used by many because they have disturbed the property and they can easily make a small issue bigger.

Lethal trappings

A lethal trap allows you to kill the rabbit right after it is caught. It can crush the animals up to a point where they cannot breath and they may even bleed to death. This is one of the inhumane methods that are not suggested to be used. Usually, people opt for bait to lure the rabbits and it quickly enters the trap. The trap crushes their abdominal part and leaves it for dead. It is a successful trapping method, but many experts do not recommend it since it will cause bleeding and a virus carrier may actually affect pets and even your family members.

Shoot the rabbits

Another method to be used is shooting the rabbits. However, you need to be direct in the shooting range so that you will not leave it to bleed painfully. Most of all, make sure that there is no human or pet near the area or you might cause a tragic accident. Be confident when shooting rabbits because you want a precise shot that will directly kill it.

There is actually an alternative if you don’t want to kill the rabbit. You can trap it in a live trap cage and remove them far from your house. Or you can contact a wildlife removal service to have it fetched from your house.

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