How to kill Gophers

When there is a mound of rich brown dirt in the garden that has been overturned, most of the time it means that there is a gopher around. The gopher may be skittering within the ground, and it can be destroying the garden or lawn in this process.

If you want to use poison to kill the gophers, you should keep in mind that this is going to work only if you are aware of how you should use it. The poison is effective in some cases, but in other cases it can be ineffective when it is not used in the right way. When the poisons use an anticoagulant, they will make the gophers bleed internally, which can be a painful death..

Using traps is a more effective way that you can use to get rid of the gophers. Even if there are many traps that can be used, a scissor trap is known to be the best. After setting the trap near the entrance of the tunnel, the mechanism can be triggered when a gopher touches it. You have to check the trap in the morning and the afternoon to ensure that you get rid of the gophers soon after the trap catches them.

You can attract the predators of the gophers to your place so that they can get rid of them for you. Owls are a natural predator of small mammals, and you may bring them to your property through building or buying a nest box.

You can use detonators or blasters to smoke out these animals. These products will fill the tunnels with oxygen and propane, and they will kill the gophers. You can also get rid of the gophers through using the exhaust of your car. You should cover the holes, leaving one hole open. You can connect one end of a hose at the end of an exhaust pipe while the other one will be connected to the tunnel. In a few minutes, the hose will fill the tunnel with carbon monoxide. You can also use a garden hose in order to flood a gopher out of its tunnel.

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