Will homeowners insurance pay for raccoon damage?

Many people who have insurance may not be aware that they have raccoons in the home such as in the roof or in the attic. They may not become aware of them until they have already damaged the house. The damage of the roof caused by raccoons can lead to even more damage such as wind and water damage.

The policyholder has to ensure that they have a policy that will cover such a loss. The insurance company may use the exclusion if they want to deny the claim, but the policyholder has to understand the terms used in the policy and their meaning. Since they have high intelligence and problem solving skills, the ingenuity of raccoons can be seen as a nuisance to humans. Raccoons are opportunistic feeders, and they will remember the locations where food is available and how they may unlatch or open the containers for over three years. Where the term vermin is used, it means mice, weasels, rats, bed bugs, lice and flies. When you have raccoons in your attic, you will have an even bigger problem, and this is more than just the unsettling noise that they will be making.

The raccoons are known to cause much damage in an attic. They may tear the duct open and the house may lose the cooling or heating airflow. When they open the insulation away from the pipes, they will not be able to preserve the temperature and the cooling and heating bill will increase. When they chew the wires, they may create a fire hazard. They also may tear open holes in the roof that may lead to leaks and other animals can enter into them.

They are able to create a potential fire hazard; they may threaten pets; and they may pee or poop in the attic so that the entire space will start to stink. When the raccoons are not disturbed, they can stay in the place for the entire year and they will be returning to the same place the following year. This is why they should not be ignored. To fix the problems that are caused by raccoons in the attic, there is a need to do attic restoration and environmental damage service. The insurance of the homeowner may cover these restorations when the cause behind them is raccoons. The restoration includes repairs, decontamination and installation of the new insulation.

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