How to make homemade rat poison

Rats can be destructive little creatures. They cause so many problems within our properties that it becomes important to deal with them as soon as possible. This is because rats reproduce so fast, and before you know it, you may have a full infestation on your hands that could be really difficult to deal with.

However, if you are really determined, you can try out a homemade rat poison that may just work.

The ingredients

You will need water, Plaster of Paris, sugar and oatmeal.


The oatmeal and the Plaster of Paris need to be measured in equal proportions and then put in a mixing bowl or even a bucket. You need to add some sugar and then water to create dough.

When the basic dough has been made, break some chunks off and then roll them into balls that are the size of a golf ball. These balls need to be placed in the areas where you have seen rats. Just like the conventional rat poison option, the bait shouldn’t be placed all over. You need to think about children and pets as well as other animals that may come across it.

When the balls have been eaten, be sure to replace them so as to get the desired results. Replace them until you notice that they remain uneaten. Usually, this recipe works because the Plaster of Paris can’t be digested and therefore just sits in the stomach. The death isn’t pleasant at all, but all poisons, even the conventional ones, have the same disadvantage.

The reason why people choose the homemade poison is because it is not as expensive as what is offered in stores today. There are therefore some advantages associated with the DIY recipe because it cannot be stored. Once the paste has been made, it cannot be stored for future use.

The commercial chemicals, even though effective, also have some very toxic chemicals and they can be a great risk to domestic animals and humans too.

There are other suggestions where flour, baking soda and sugar can be used. These have to be mixed together and placed in shallow bowls to allow the rats to feed. It is also worth a try.

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