Home remedies to keep away snakes and get rid of them

A snake is a common animal in many places, and in case you have a bigger yard, it can be a home of many insects and it is possible for the snake to visit you to eat these insects. It is important to learn home remedies that can help keep the snakes away from your home or can help remove them when they are in your home.

You can try out the snake repellants besides the home remedies that can be used in repelling the snakes. However, sometimes experts say that some of these repellents do not work. The following are some of the repellents to try out:

Fox urine solution: a snake repellent can be made from fox urine since it is its natural predator. It can be sprayed near the property in order to deter the snakes so that they do not spend too much time at the place.

Rags with ammonia: this repellent is believed to deter different animals. You put ammonia on the rags and then you place them in the area where you have seen snakes before.

Human hair: you can sprinkle the hair in the garden and in other places where you do not wish to see the snakes.

You should prevent the snakes from entering the home by checking the house for holes or cracks. Ensure that the windows and doors have been sealed well, and put screens on the vents and chimney or other places where a snake may enter.

The snakes come into your yard to eat insects, crickets and mice. If you reduce the population of these creatures, then the snake will go somewhere else to get food. Make sure that the yard does not have nuts, berries or birdseed. Remove the insects and mice away from the property through using removal methods or setting up traps.

You have to make sure that there are no tall bushes or tall grasses at your place. When you trim your landscaping regularly, it will not be enticing to the snakes. Ensure that the property is not full of places where the snakes can make dens.

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