Home remedies to keep away rats and get rid of them

Rats are obnoxious creatures that may intrude into your home, and they will make a mess without being welcome in it. To be able to survive, the rats will need food, water and shelter. If the home offers these three things, it will be a task to get rid of them completely. The rats will get attracted to compost bins, pet food, garbage and vines and fruits.

If you are fed up with the rats in your home, then it is time to try out the following home remedies so that you can get rid of the rats completely.

Mothballs are used to repel the rats. They are available in stores and they are not hard to use. You should put some in the attic if you want the rats to stay away. Ammonia is another deterrent used to keep the rats away. You should put it in a bowl and put it at the place where rats like to be. Because the rats are not able to stand this smell, they will go away.

Peppermint oil can be used in preventing rats because they are unable to stand the pungent smell they have. You will only have to dip cotton balls in the oil and put them where the rats like to be. It will give you the results you’re looking for.

Pepper has a pungent smell and it is a threat to the survival of the rats since they will not be able to breathe correctly. You can crush the pepper in the holes or corners of where the rats live and you will see some results in a few days.

Bay leaf is another option. Rats will consider the bay leaf to be food and they will try to eat it. However, it does kill them. You can put the leaf where the rats like to be and continue to do it until the rats have gone completely.

Onions are an effective remedy if you want to get rid of the rats in a natural way. The small of the onions is too odious for the nasty rodents. You can slice the onions and keep them near the holes or inside the holes where rats live.

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