Home remedies to keep away raccoons and get rid of them

Raccoons look cute and furry, but they are known for their destructive behavior. They may be found in woody areas or in areas that have abundant vegetation and water. Raccoons are good climbers and they are nocturnal in nature. Damaged crops and ripped shingles are an indication of the invasion of these creatures. Before the raccoons can set up their den in your home, you should learn how to ensure that you can keep them away.

Raccoons tend to be more active at night and they love residing in the areas that are peaceful. If you want to chase the raccoons away, then you can try lighting up the entire surroundings or playing music. You may empty soda bottles and then fix them to the ground. When the wind blows, such bottles can produce an eerie sound and it is very annoying to the raccoons.

You can make a solution of habanera chilies and cayenne pepper mixed in boiling water. You can let it cool down, and then you can spray it on the main entries or where the raccoons can be coming from the outside. You may use this coating on the garbage cans also.

Have cucumber planted in the garden or near the fencing since the raccoons may not tolerate how the cucumber smells.

Put a cinder block near the trash bins and on the lids to chase the raccoons away.

Garlic can act as a raccoon repellent. You can crush the garlic with chili powder and spread it on the boundaries of the attic. You may sprinkle it near the garden or near the crops. The raccoons may be irritated because of the garlic smell and then leave the garden

You can also put a cloth that has been dipped in vinegar on food traps. The raccoons do not like how vinegar tastes and they may run away after tasting it.

Epsom salt is the best repellant that you can use in a garden and lawn so that you may avert the raccoons.

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