Will a high pitch sound deterrent machine work against groundhogs?

A high pitch sound deterrent is commonly known as an ultrasonic sound repellent. This is the way people market this method for groundhog removal. However, consumers may not be familiar with the use and the features of this type of repellent. It is meant to keep rodents away from your yard, and you might think it’s worth a try to ward off groundhogs as well.

Before you find out if the sound repellent will actually work, let’s find out what it’s like. According to the companies that make sound repellents, this is categorized as a device that emits a high pitch sound. This will ideally scare off the mice and groundhogs so they won’t get near the sound. According to the label, the noise emitted is above a human’s ability to hear. Thus, it can annoy the groundhogs and keep them away. The repellent works by plugging it into outlet and letting it play. Some repellents use a battery cell to power up the voice.

Does the high pitch sound deterrent machine work against groundhogs?

Yes, the first time it is used. When measuring the effectiveness of the voice repellent, you have to keep in mind that rodents and groundhogs are smart enough to remember the noise. At first, they are unfamiliar with the noise, but after a few days, as it is repeatedly echoing the same thing, they are no longer frightened by it. Thus, the high frequency device will no longer scare them off.

Groundhogs get easily accustomed to changes. They can adapt to the urban area and quickly know how to find food from leftovers by urban dwellers. In the same way, they can adapt to these types of noises. Thus, there is no exact evidence that the device could perform effectively as long as it is turned on.

So what is the best method that works to repel the groundhogs?

You may want to start using a repellent that actually works. But the problem with most repellents is that they may not be effective in the long run. That is why building a physical defense is something you need to do to repel groundhogs.

Another consideration is not to leave any food outside that will attract the groundhogs. Be sure to check all of the possible entrances to your home and property and call an expert removal service if necessary.

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